House Bill 7 Unfair For Sweepstakes Operators


Lawmakers that are thinking about a bill that would properly get rid of the nearly 800 companies in Ohio by

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restricting their cash payments are getting 2 very different views of the industry. Advocates of House Bill 7 paint a globe where dubious characters monetize gambling and other illegal adventure by running in a mainly uncontrolled atmosphere. Opponents say hardworking, law-abiding business owners are supplying prominent home entertainment in a relaxing ambience.

Jim Del Torto, who works an Internet cafe in Twinsburg, told a House committee that the businesses are a “wonderful escape chance for many people” that employ thousands of people. Shutting them down, he claimed, would produce a “quick and jolting influence of job loss.

“We seem like we are on test with our lives at stake, our company lives, and we actually have not done anything incorrect except go into business earnestly and in all honesty.”.

Advocates of Internet cafes, also known as sweepstakes parlors, state the businesses ought to be regulated instead of driven away. Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, is expected to present a policy bill soon.

Customers buy Internet time or phone cards that feature codes that can lead to cash prizes. They play slotlike games to reveal their profits.

Many condition law-enforcement groups support the bill, as do united state Attorney General Mike DeWine and Auditor Dave Yost.

Keith Lake of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce wrote to the committee that the team is pro-business and it does not get the argument that cafes are sweepstakes operations and not gambling.

“What they seem doing is making the most of united state sweepstakes laws in order to prevent antigambling laws and gambling licensing regulations,” he composed.

Rep. Mike Curtin, D-Marble Cliff, asked Luther Liggett, lobbyist for the Internet Sweepstakes Association of Ohio, why law enforcement unanimously backed the bill and considered the cafes swarming with criminal adventure.

“If they are so certain there is criminal task passing, why aren’t they around doing their task” and making apprehensions, Liggett replied, pushing back against the criminal-activity argument.

Liggett said that the bill is felonious since it steps on home rule, breaks contracts and takes property. He contrasted the cafes to other businesses that run sweepstakes games, though Rep. Matt Huffman, R-Lima, the enroller of the bill, took note that those other games are short-term, while cafes operate full time.



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